Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Episode #7 -- Before and After

Episode Seven is live!

Before the program, we went places.

After the Program, we went places.

Neat places.  In Europe.  We talk about them.
Basilique du Sacré-Cœur


Dom Tower, Utrecht

Flying Pig Beach Hostel: Before
Flying Pig Beach Hostel: After

Episode #6 -- Guest Lectures

Episode Six is live!

We got to hang out with some of the most amazingly brilliant, visionary and energetic library scientists in Europe.  Scott and Karl talk about some of them.

Episode #5 -- Libraries

Episode Five is live!

The libraries were a big part of what we came to see... but we weren't expecting the reading robots.

Delft Technical University Library

The kewlest thing ever... Erasmus U's library robot brain!

Episode #4 -- Dutch Food and Weather

Episode Four is now live!

Wherein Karl and Scott talk about the Dutch Food we liked a lot, and the Dutch Weather that... well, Karl liked it. He's 1/16 mushroom on his mother's side.

I didn't take pictures of the food, and didn't wanna get my camera wet... so, for your viewing pleasure: Gratuitous Windmill Picture!

Episode #3 -- Travelers

Episode Three is now live!

In this ep, Karl and Scott goes to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Bruges. Well, actually only Scott made it to Bruges, but they both talk about it.



And some more of Rotterdam... with Erasmus Bridge.

Episode #2 -- Museum Head

Episode #2 is now live!

No, that's not what it means. Get your Museum Head out of the gutter.  :)

The large "Jet Engine Like" fans in the National Institute of Sound and Vision

They actually have three of them, and nattily dressed guides!

And did you know that M.C. Escher was Dutch?

You can see the special coating on the windows allowing them to etch famous Film and TV frames direction onto the glass:

And you can trust that even in an ultra-modern building, you can find a bit of the old cathedral building gene in Dutch Architects.